Mr. Carl participated in team work as well as led a team independently, he has unique comprehensive view and executive capacity, could combine the planning skills with organization skills(planning, budget, execution and supervision) well to manage, execute efficiently and seize new business opportunity, referring to areas of biological products,diagnostic reagent, scientific reagent and spectrometer applied to experiment and process engineering etc.

Working experience


Millipore Group Waters senior technical manager, senior process engineer

Develop new separation technology of chromatographic column, comprehensive market develop on product commercialization and technology commercialization.


Vice president of Millpore Group Waters.

Mr. Carl is responsible for development and establishment for industry scale of chromatographic separation process.


President and CEO of Biopure Company

In 1991, he obtained the milestone development fund of 2.5 billion dollars to develop cooperation research from B.Braun and Lilly company. Besides, he participated in military cooperation projects assisted by the US congress and obtained special fund support from the white house and state government.

The veterinary products Oxyglobin taken charge by him has obtained premarket approval by America FDA and EU EMA in 1998 and 1999, it has been sold 300 thousand units(data up to 2010), medicine products for people HBOC-201 has obtained premarket approval by Medicine Quality Control Committee of South Africa in 2000.


Co-founder of Biopure Company

He developed a platform based on biomolecule purify technology, covered from biomolecule purification of large volume to biomolecule purification(ultrapure) of small volume which could not be obtained previously.


Biotechnology consultant specialty

He participated to signing of cooperation contracts, outsourced production,clinical development, pharmaceutical market, financial structure and products registration strategy at America, Europe and Asia, took part in development and service of biological products, including R&D, guiding, creation, management and process development.


Chief scientific consultant and chief business (counseling) consultant of New-a-innovation Company

Mr. Carl was European SME supervisor, he took charge of product test and registration in Europe; guided and developed preclinical study and clinical experiment, guided on filing of production documents and registration documents for global registration of medical products at the same time.


CEO of Boston Theraputic Inc and CEO of MTA II(Medical Technology Associate II)

Responsible for management and consultancy related to project development of biological products, including pilot research, preclinical research, pharmacology and toxicology, develop cooperation and exchange on medicine license of different region with America FDA, Europe EMA, Canada Department of Health and Chinese Food and Drug Administration; develop CRO business at countries and regions like Japan, South Korean, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and Cambodia.

Since 2014

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Education experience

(Ivy league):MIT, master of chemical engineering

(Ivy league):Tufts University, master of chemical science, master of medical engineering

(Ivy league):Tufts University, bachelor of chemical engineering